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Blood, Bones, and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton

Blood, Bones, and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton

On Sale 3/1/11

If you were to take the heartfelt food memories of Ruth Reichl’s Tender at the Bone, mix them with the complex family relationships of Augusten Burroughs’s Running with Scissors, throw in a little of the behind-the-scenes revelations of Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, then strip the mixture down to its grittiest core, you’d get a sense of Gabrielle Hamilton’s new memoir BLOOD, BONES, AND BUTTER.

Before Hamilton opened her acclaimed New York City restaurant, Prune, she spent twenty fierce, hard-living years trying to find the purpose and meaning in her life. BLOOD, BONES, AND BUTTER recounts this unconventional journey through the many kitchens Hamilton inhabited. The result is an unflinching and lyrical work that marks the debut of a tremendous literary talent.

Hamilton will appeal to both foodies and literary audiences alike as she deliciously divulges her experiences in love, life, and food. Her writing has appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times, GQ, Bon Appétit, Saveur, and Food & Wine. She also authored the eight-week “The Chef” column in The New York Times, and her work was anthologized in six volumes of Best Food Writing.


4 Responses to “Blood, Bones, and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton”

  1. I work at the last general independent bookstore in Atlanta,
    and we have many “foodies” who love cookbooks and
    anything involving cooking. I think this book would be a
    big hit, and I would love to read it and recommend it for
    our customers. Thanks!

  2. Gabrielle Hamilton has a personal history article in the January 17, 2011 issue of The New Yorker that is just WONDERFUL ! It contains some of the most vivid writing I have read in years. This article alone should bring her many fans. Entitled “The Lamb Roast,” it is subtitled “What was Cooking at Our Place.” She’s a wonderful writer.

  3. Patricia Gonzalez says:

    This book will be great for people who have a passion for cooking . She is a wonderful writer.

  4. katie k says:

    As a foodie myself, I am always delving into the archives for inspiration. This sounds like a rich memoir chalk-full of insight and adventure, with the element of real life to validate all the grit and verbosity found in a truly love-prepared meal. Would love to read!

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