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Enter to win a copy of THE MAN WHO PLANTED TREES by Jim Robbins

Enter to win a copy of THE MAN WHO PLANTED TREES by Jim Robbins

This book just might save the planet.

What would happen if you unplugged the filter of your aquarium? One week later, would the water be clear or would it be murky? And the fish—would they still be alive? According to David Milarch, the charismatic tree planter at the center of The Man Who Planted Trees, trees are the earth’s filter. Without them—and without a systematic effort to find the most resilient trees and plant them where they are needed most—the fate of our planet could be in jeopardy.
In The Man Who Planted Trees, New York Times science writer Jim Robbins follows the ten-year odyssey of David Milarch, a Michigan nurseryman who survived a near-death experience, had an otherworldly visitation, and has taken upon himself the mission of saving the trees of the earth—and the earth itself. It is a mission that many once-skeptical scientists now say is looking smarter every day.